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Dec 7, 2017 by Amber L. on Direct Flooring Center

Hi Stefani,
Your help in my new flooring adventure was so terrific and just what I needed to get it done.  I was feeling overwhelmed at all the choices of different types of flooring and color possibilities and stores.  But you quickly helped narrow down the options and even made it rather fun.  The "hand-holding" during the process was also very much appreciated.
And let us not forget the wonderful people at Direct Flooring who were so patient and helpful throughout.  And you were willing to work with my particular/peculiar schedule around the actual installation.  And your installers were great guys to have around during that part of the process.  (Another store that I visited before getting Stefani on board was very much not helpful.)  Direct Flooring, you rock!
And Stefani, there aren't enough words to express my thanks for being such a great decorator, decision-helper, and moral support goddess.  You REALLY rock!
And any/all of you may quote me.
Thanks again,  Amber L.
P.S.  I especially love the bamboo floors!!!

May 12, 2015by Jackie S. on Direct Flooring Center

We are just amazed at how great our new Kitchen/Dining room tile look. Awesome.
Our installer was John, right from the start it was a good experience. He gave advice on the best way to align the tile to enhance it's beauty and wear. Once he went to work he was all focused on making the outcome fantastic. His work ethic, precision and neatness was apparent.
This is the best experience we have had with an installer. Most definitely will try to get him for another project. Thanks again John.

May 12, 2015 by Barbara P. on Direct Flooring Center

Thank you for sending Zane Cleverley and Tad Hohnstein to my home. They worked steadily the whole time they were in my house. They were extremely careful of all my belongings and never hesitated to answer any of my questions.
They are very professional and knew how to handle any problem that my house presented. I never heard them grumble or say a harsh word to each other. They worked together like clockwork.
I was very impressed with them and so was my son who observed them hard at work. We have been so lucky to get such a team, God Bless them.
My floors are lovely and I consider it my good fortune to have met such wonderful men. I loved them both, they are dear, dear people.
They were in complete control of all that hard work. And it is HARD WORK!
Some other lucky customer will get them and know I am right. How any people can you find like them, these days? I love my new floors.

May 12, 2015 by M & D on Direct Flooring Center

We recently redid the flooring in our entire home. We cannot say enough positive things about Direct Flooring and the owners, Skip and Michelle Marler. Their personal service and commitment to our project was outstanding.

The Marlers came to our home many times with advice and samples of products until we were happy with our selections.
We were new to the flooring process and had numerous questions all of which were answered. They provided three different quotes on our remodel project making sure we were comfortable with what we were doing and the cost of it. They then followed our project until completion.
Michelle and Skip both stopped by our home multiple times to check on the progress of our flooring. They immediately took care of any of our concerns, even if it was at a cost to them. Nothing we talked to them about was too small for their attention.

We highly recommend Direct Flooring and Skip and Michelle Marler. Their main concern and goal is a high quality finished project and customer satisfaction. Direct Flooring does not consider a project complete until the customer is completely satisfied and happy. We are just that, satisfied and happy customers of Direct Flooring.

May 12, 2015 by Nancy S. on Direct Flooring Center

To Whom It May Concern,
This letter is to recommend Carlos Casillas and Direct Flooring Center. Carlos gave me an estimate to do alterations in my condo unit in September of 2002. His crew replaced the following:
Counter tops in the kitchen and two bathrooms;

All vinyl in foyer, kitchen, and two bathrooms;

Removed all the old carpet and padding and replaced it with Mohawk carpet.

They did all the above in a timely, efficient and professional manner, and they were all very polite and friendly.
I later used the plumber Carlos sent to me to replace the disposal in the kitchen sink, and replace kitchen and bathroom faucets.
When I wanted new kitchen cabinet doors, I called Carlos to get the name of someone to do that, and that person did an excellent job.
In 2009, I asked Carlos for the name of someone to clean the carpet. And, of course, that person did an excellent job.
Direct Flooring has all the flooring products anyone could want. Carlos Casillas and his staff are a fountain of information for flooring and for knowing who to call if there is something you want done that Direct Flooring doesn't do.
Now that I want cushioned vinyl, I spoke with Carlos to see what was the best product. He will be ordering that vinyl for installation later this year. There is nothing wrong with the vinyl I purchased in 2002 but I need the cushioned vinyl for my back problems.
If anyone reading this recommendation would like to see what was done by Direct Flooring, Carlos can get in touch with me to set up an appointment.

May 12, 2015 by Laurie M. on Direct Flooring Center

Direct Flooring Center Outlet is awesome!! Before I came to Direct Flooring, I was feeling somewhat overwhelmed, confused by different pricing and not connecting with the carpet sales people at other stores...Keith made the

process very painless, helped me narrow down to just a few choices, and was flexible with my installation challenges which I really appreciated! I love my new carpet and I would definitely recommend Direct Flooring!

May 12, 2015by Dena B. on Direct Flooring Center

I have been using Direct Flooring for almost a year now. I am very pleased with the customer service I have received. The prompt response to repairs or replacing the flooring/carpet in my rentals is fabulous. I have also used them in my own home. Their work in outstanding. I have recommended them to other PM companies and private parties. Their prices can't be beat by anyone in the area. I will not use any other flooring vendor again.

May 12, 2015 by Jenny And Aaron on Direct Flooring Center

My husband and I got a house in La Pine, the carpet was terrible and had to be replaced before we could live in it. I called several stores told them my approximate square footage and my budget and was told I was asking the impossible. Then I called Direct Flooring. The crew at Direct never said impossible instead they put together a package that was within my budget. Today I'm standing in our home with the new flooring everyone else said was impossible. Thank you Direct Flooring.

May 12, 2015 by Sharon on Direct Flooring Center

A few years after having had my vinyl flooring installed, the seams began to separate and the sealer was flaking off. I went back to the store for guidance as to what to do and one of the employees came to my house and made the repair on his own time. That's what I call great customer service! I'd definitely recommend Direct Flooring to my friends.

May 12, 2015 by LMR on Direct Flooring Center

You can really tell what a person or business is really like when things go in the crapper. Anyone can sell flooring, but not everyone is willing to back it up with the care and concern you want when things (out of our control) go bad, and as you know, sooner or latter, no matter how careful we are, or how much we try to keep it from happening, sometimes, things just go bad. I appreciate the attitudes of the guys at this store, and the concern they showed over things that happened that were no fault of theirs, but they took on the problems like it was. That's why I shop at Direct Flooring Center, can you imagine the nightmare for me, if this would have happened to me at Home Depot! Wholly Crap!