Window Coverings Salem Oregon

The Perfect Window Coverings in Salem Oregon


There are literally hundreds of different window covering brands to choose from these days. So does it really matter which brand you go with? After all, they’re just blinds for your windows, right? At Direct Flooring center we know that they are not “just blinds.” Window coverings come in so many options other than just blinds; and just like with anything else in life, you get what you pay for.


That’s why at Direct Flooring Center we offer quality window coverings from Graber. Graber window treatments are the perfect solution to your window covering needs. So what makes Graber better than everyone else? After all, they’re just blinds, right? Wrong.


Graber, which is a part of Springs Window Fashions, has been making window coverings for 70 years. They understand what it takes to make quality window treatments. Graber is very green by nature and they use many sustainable practices to keep their products environmentally friendly.


From using recycled materials to create their products to conserving water and energy to manufacture their window coverings responsible, Graber does all it can to leave as small of a footprint as possible on the environment. Plus, they make beautiful products that offer elegance and function for any window covering need you might have.


Therefore, if you are in the market for window coverings in Salem Oregon, then look no further than the quality Graber products we carry at Direct Flooring Center. Come in and see us today or give us a call at 541-928-1412 and check out the beautiful window coverings we have to offer. We’re sure to have the perfect fit for your home, too.