Window Coverings Eugene Oregon

We Offer A Wide Range of Window Coverings in Eugene Oregon


Have you ever purchased new blinds and had them cut to fit in the store before eagerly heading home to install your new perfect window covering selection, only to end up frustrated and blind-less? It’s happened to dozens of people and it can be extremely frustrating to not only choose the right window coverings but also to get them installed properly.


At Direct Flooring Center we understand the importance of window coverings in Eugene Oregon and we know how to make the job so much easier for our customers. So relax, and let us do the work for you. First, come in and see us so you get an up-close look for yourself at the many window-covering options we have to choose from. Once you’re here, our knowledgeable staff will be happy to help you make the perfect selection for every room in your home. Lastly, our expert installers will come to your home and do the job for you.


At Direct Flooring Center we carry Graber window treatments, which are made by Springs Window Fashions. Springs Window Fashions has been making quality window coverings for nearly 75 years. They know the window covering business and they don’t disappoint. At Direct Flooring Center we know the value of quality window coverings and how they can add a nice touch to the décor of any home, including yours.


If you need window coverings in Eugene Oregon then come in and see us at Direct Flooring Center. If you have any questions before you come, then just call us at 541-485-1233 or contact us online by clicking here.